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02.17.17 Updated main page theme + music12.20.16 Updated for 2017, new links added12.30.15 Update for 2016, music and artwork also some links and stuff04.27.15 Update frontpage, music and T&C12.24.14 Update for 2015 and my 10th anniversary of Anum Chaos05.28.14 Finally i overworked the OCs page and wrote down simple profiles...01.24.14 Small upgrate for 201411.25.13 Overwork + BGM09.08.13 Redesign from the page04.03.13 Add Thanks & Cliffhanger page.04.02.13 Some Cake? - Other funny BG music, some additional changes.03.21.13 - RedesignThe full page got a redesign in a more dark style.08.22.12 - Overworked the frontpage a bit and the ABOUT ME, add Pony link in STUFF.06.19.12 - THE WHOLE PAGE GET OVERWORKED!03.14.12 - changed some stuff in the Profile page which is now the OCs page and other lil stuff.08.08.11 - SOme new stuff i made here around the page07.05.11 - NEW design for the whole page04.06.11 - New BG music + About me area - New BG music and i write a new text in the about me area.02.22.11 - New music - add music and snow feeling again ^^01.05.11 - NEW funny music - New year, new music, have fuuuuunnn ^^11.26.10 - A bit christmas feeling - Added some stars and a nw BG music ^^09.25.10 - NEW BG music + ALBUM 7 is out + edit my page a bitI upload again a new BG music:Nik Kershaw - I Wont Let The Sun Go Down On Me ^^---MY album "7" is yout and you can download it here + infos: edit this page a bit, links and co and other stuff so around...^^08.16.10 - New BG musicchage the BG music into a remix from Electric Feel05.04.10 - New sign - New BG musicThis time i update the sign AND the BG music ^^03.17.10 - New BG musicNew BG music from "die Ärzte"01.28.10 - NEW design!!!I re-stxle the page! hope you all like itNEW BG, NEW style, NEW music!!!01.15.10 - NEW BG musicIM THE SCATMAN XD01.07.10 - FAQsI upload the first FAQs ^^12.14.09 - over 1000 clicks!this page got over 1000 clicks! ^^12.08.09 - Style ChangeChange the Title pic and the BG music ^^11.04.09 - new musicnew BG music from Owl city ^^10.12.09 - new music, new linkI upload a new music and a new link in the MY STUFF area09.16.09 - a lot of thingsI updated my blog (looking my stuff area! XD)I use a new and better BG music here ^^+ a NEW background self ^^09.08.09 - Updates on my Album and Site selfI must delete some piccis on my album and dont have more savespace for it. so its now a nostalgie album from 2005 - middle 2009 (till the LL comic!) On this page, i change the music and i update the MY STUFF area a bit. next to this i clear the "Album" link - you can found it in my MY STUFF area.07.28.09 - Lovely longing Comic is as good as finishUpload the Comic "lovely longing" pages - the end pageis incoming...- Delete Furiotic movies for saveplaceMUST delete the Furiotic movies for free saveplace. Sorry but maybe i upload them a other time again. <<"06.23.09 - And nobody if home wallpaperUpload a new Wallpaper in my Album06.22.09 - the first 500 clicks!Today the site get there 500th click!!!! ^^06.22.09 - Furiotic the Movie PART 5Uploaded a new Furiotic Movie on my "Album"06.14.09 - Furiotic the Movie PART 4Uploaded a new Furiotic Movie on my "Album"06.13.09 - Furiotic the Movie PATH 3Uploaded a new Furiotic Movie on my "Album"06.07.09 - Furiotic 100Today i upload Furiotic 100 !!!!! ^^05.27.09 - NEW DMC MusicI upload a new BG music from DMC 305.26.09 - Update the FrontsiteToday I update the new page (this one) and give them a new fresh style. I Upload some piccis around my sites too.

Welcome to Anum Chaos, the Artwork-universe from Walter Albrecht.Anum Chaos artwork is now over 10 years old. Since 2005, the madness is going on...WOHO! X3



Anum Chaos (c) 2005 - 2018 Original by Walter AlbrechtAnum Chaos, the dark sign, Furiotic and all characters owned by Walter Albrecht